Wk7- Activity-Ephemeral Art

Hi Everyone, This week, we got to experiment with Snapchat. This was the first time I ever used the app. It was really fun learning about all the cool features that it has… Continue reading

Wk7- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Hi Art Enthusiasts, For this week’s artist conversation, I had the chance to meet Jane Weibel. Her gallery was filled with art that was made with ceramics and fiber materials. It was located… Continue reading

Wk 6- Activity- Identity Art (Periscope)

Hi Everyone, Periscope is a social media app that allows people to broadcast themselves live and others from around the world could see what the people are broadcasting. I began my periscope adventure… Continue reading

Wk 6- Classmate Conversation- Miguel Lopez

Hi Viewers, For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet and talk with Miguel Lopez. He currently lives in Carson. Miguel is a mechanical engineer major and I was curious to know… Continue reading

WK 6 – Artist Conversation- Dawn Derry

Hi Bloggers, This week’s artist conversation was hard to pick because there were these amazing pieces painted by two different artists. Their artwork was located in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. At the… Continue reading

Wk5- Activity of the Week- Ethnography

Hi Everyone, This week’s activity was called Ethnography; we had to spend the night without using technology and electricity. This was quite exciting because I do not remember the last time I went… Continue reading

WK 5- Classmate Conversation-Steven Gonzalez

Hi Everyone, For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet and talk with Steven Gonzalez. He is a sociology major and currently a sophomore at CSULB. His hobbies are playing soccer, video… Continue reading

Wk 5- Conversation with Artist- Josh Benz

Hi Artists, For this week’s conversation with an artist, I got to see a lot of great artwork in all four galleries. The painting that got my attention the most was the artwork… Continue reading

Spray Painting @ Muscle Beach

Hi Everyone, For this week’s activity, our assignment was to spray paint our name in bubble style using two colors of paint. There was an extra credit offer if we spray painted in… Continue reading

Art of Fear

Hi Viewers, This week I had the chance of seeing some great artwork in the galleries of CSULB. I was overall impressed by everything, but  one that stood out was the work of… Continue reading