Week 10- Activity- Game Design

Hi Artists, This week’s activity we had to experiment with augmented reality. We experimented by using an app called Geocaching. It is a game where you place an object somewhere, and then you… Continue reading

Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Roxana Talavera

Hi Everyone, This week I had a conversation with Roxana Talavera. She is 19 years old and is currently a sophomore majoring in health administration at CSULB. She is the youngest of three… Continue reading

Week 10- Artist Conversation- Matthew Dumpit

Hi Everyone, This week I chose to write about CSULB artist Matthew Dumpit. His art show was located in the Dennis W. Dutzy Gallery. His concept for the art gallery show was kinematics… Continue reading

wk9-activity-transmedia storytelling

Here is my character analysis. My character is named Elizabeth Mizzian, she is a 16 year old girl from New York. Her brother is Mike Mizzian and she likes a boy named Tishon… Continue reading

wk9-classmate conversation-Filimon Soltero

Hi Everyone, In this week’s classmate conversation I met and had a conversation with a fellow classmate of mine. His name is Filimon Soltero. I found his name quite interesting because Soltero in… Continue reading

wk9-artist conversation-Maccabee Shelley

Hi Artists, This week I chose to write about Maccabee Shelley and his artwork. His gallery was titled “Fragile Future,” located in the Max L Gatov Gallery West. I describe his work as… Continue reading

Wk8-Classmate Conversation-Ryan Bravo

Hi Everyone, This week’s classmate conversation I got to speak to Ryan Bravo. He attends CSULB and is currently a sophomore. Ryan is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology. He… Continue reading

WK 8-Activity-Writing About Art

Hi Viewers, This week we had to two options for this week’s activity. One was to download an app called Somebody and write about our experience using it and the second one was… Continue reading

wk8-artist conversation-Rhiannon Aaron

Hi Everybody, This week I stumbled upon an artwork from an artist. Her name is Rhiannon Aaron. The artworks were digital prints meaning all of the paintings were printed. Her show was located… Continue reading

Wk7-Classmate Conversation-Edgar Navarro

Hi Bloggers, For this week, I got to meet Edgar Navarro. He is a Los Angeles native and graduated from Locke High School. His daily routine consists of going to school, heading home,… Continue reading