Week 14-Classmate Conversation-Carolina de la Torre and Socheatey Yim

Hi Everyone,

This week’s classmate conversation had a twist to it. The twist was that instead of a 1 to 1 conversation between classmates we had to have a conversation of 3 people including myself. I got the chance to interview two people that I had not met or interviewed before, so bear with me. The two students I got to interview were Carolina de la Torre and Socheatey Yim. Carolina de la Torre is 19 years old and is currently a sophomore majoring in kinesiology. She is a Compton native and commutes to school. Carolina loves to watch Netflix, eat out, and sleep in during her free time. The strangest thing she has ever eaten was a hare and she said it tasted like chicken. She plans to transfer to San Marcos State University. The question of the week was “what art has made the biggest impact on your life”. The art that has had the biggest impact on Carolina’s life is music because it expresses how she feels and helps her out whenever she is in a bad mood. Socheatey is also 19 years old and she is majoring in accounting. She mentioned that she was the only Asian in her middle school and high school. Socheatey describes her personality as being outgoing, loud, and a hard worker. For the question of the week she said that drawing has made the most impact on her life because it helps release her stress.Here is a link to their websitehttps://teyyim.wordpress.com             https://delatorrecaro.wordpress.comIMG_2341IMG_2340IMG_2321