Week 14-Artist Conversation-Makaila Palmer

Hi Everyone,

This week for artist conversation I interviewed Makaila Palmer. The gallery show was titled “Transference,” it was located in the Max L Gatov Gallery West and East. The materials that Makaila used for her paintings were oils, canvas, and gesso. Her process of making the paintings was to place gesso all over the canvases. Gesso is an acrylic base that you put on the canvas so that it could protect the canvas from the oils. After distributing the gesso on the canvas the oils were then added. Makaila noticed that she put a lot of gesso and this actually made a great combination with the oils used. The different colors of oils that were incorporated on the paintings were used to set the mood that Makaila wanted.

The paintings were named in chronological order to convey a psychological meaning and the journeys that every one takes in their life. There were three paintings and they are called dawn, day, and dusk. The painting called dawn shows how we try to plan our future and figure out who we want to be. On the painting you see a long road, which you will cross and you could see the mountains, which are your goals. The painting called day conveys that you know what you want to be but you do not know how you will get there. You are so caught up in figuring out how to get there that you forget to enjoy it. This is why you see that you are almost to the mountains and they are painted with a dull color unlike the path that is really colorful. The third painting called dusk portraits how you accomplished your goals and you now need to do something new which is why the painting shows a new long road. Makaila wanted to help her viewers realize that in a way we are all so busy in our lives that we do not see that the lives of others are just as important as our goals because they help us get to our goals and dreams.

When I first saw the paintings I was analyzing the use of colors and the shapes that it happened. My first real impression of it was that the artist was trying to go for a specific mood. My second impression was when I saw the names of all three paintings and realized that they are all connected with each other. My next thoughts were that the paintings were a reflection of one’s life. The artist’s ideas resonate with mine because they convey what a person goes through psychologically in their life. To me it reflects the psychological struggles I go through in my life.

Makaila’s paintings were really deep, personal, as well as creative. Makaila is currently a super senior; this is her 6th year and will soon graduate. After graduation she hopes to get her own studio and do work for gallery shows. Besides being a painter, Makaila is also a jeweler. If you were interested in her paintings and want to see more here is a link to her website http://makailapalmer.comIMG_2327IMG_2329IMG_2326IMG_2324