Week 13-Classmate Conversation-Star Meza

Hi Everyone,

For this week’s classmate conversation I interviewed Star Meza. She is 20 years old and lives in Downey. She graduated from Warren High School the year of 2013. She loves to work out and play water polo, while not liking to hike. She is really into Cuban food. Her parents are from Jalisco, Mexico. She is currently employed at the Reaction in Downey. She has two more years of school left, but is taking more units this semester so she could get her bachelors degree a lot sooner. The question of the week was “What did you think art was 13 weeks ago when the semester started compared to what you think art is now?” Star’s response was that 13 weeks ago she believed that art was a hands on field and that you needed to be drawing, coloring, painting and etc. for it to be considered artistic. Now she believes that art is anything you make that has a connection with you and that you have a purpose for it. It doesn’t need to be the traditional things, but could be anything that you can either touch, see, hear, or smell. If you would like to know more about Star, here is a link to her website https://starmeza.wordpress.com