Week 13- Artist Conversation-Tyler Turett

IMG_2165Hi Artists,

For this week’s artist conversation I interviewed CSULB student artist Tyler Turett. He is currently a senior majoring in a BFA with a focus in Animation. Tyler’s artwork was located in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Tyler had artwork that was consisted of cartoon animations he created while attending different classes, interning in a studio, and in his free time. The process of making these animations was to create a rough drawing of a character he had in mind with a cyntiq which is a tablet that you can draw your characters on the computer. He would then experiment with the colors and shapes. After he would clean it up using photoshop and animated after effects. The colors that he used were dark colors, but incorporated the color green in a lot of his animation characters. The materials used for his creations were a cyntiq, photoshop, after effects, iMac, and sketchbook.IMG_2164

Tyler began his passion for Animation when he first saw his favorite animation movie which was Toy Story. Interestingly Tyler’s dream job is to work at Pixar. He draws his inspiration from childhood cartoons such as Triptank, Rick and Morty. He also seems to really know a lot about Animation because he was mentioning that he is more into traditional drawing because it looks more appealing in television and you can get more of a variety in the characters. He characterized his animation characters for the gallery show as puppets because he created them by using a program that basically makes characters as puppets. This process is a lot faster and easier than traditional drawing, but you are limited with creativity. The purpose for his gallery show is to inspire others to be creative and follow their passions.IMG_2166

I was always fascinated with animation movies and have loved them since I was a little kid. I always questioned what the process was like to create these cartoon characters and shows. Tyler described it as a fun, happy experience. I was really surprised at how similar Tyler’s characters look to other characters in famous cartoon shows and movies. What resonates from seeing his artwork are childhood memories and being educated in the animation field.IMG_2163

Tyler will soon move to Portland to work for a studio called Shadow Machine. He hopes to do really weird, funny stuff as well as ordinary cartoon characters. He says he has a twisted sense of humor that you can see in his characters. He hopes to work for the studio for a long time as well as do freelance. His dream of course is to work for Pixar. If you would like to see more about Tyler’s animation artworks here is a link to his website tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation