Week 12- Classmate Conversation- Aiyat Abdelhady

Hi Everyone,

This week I got the chance to meet and interview Aiyat Abdelhady. She is currently a junior and is majoring in child development at Cal State University of Long Beach. She is from the city of Downey and graduated from Warren High School. Her favorite type of food is sushi and she enjoys going to a restaurant in Downey called Samari Sushi. Aiyat’s favorite type of sushi is the baked lobster roll. The hobbies that she enjoys doing are going for a run, working out, and spending time with her dogs. She has one old sister and a younger brother. She currently works at Boba Loca. The question of the week was which colors calm you and which colors activate you. Her response was that the colors that calm her are teal, gray, and white. The colors that activate her are orange, yellow red, and pink. If you would like to know more about Aiyat, here is a link to her website   https://aiyatabdelhady.wordpress.comIMG_2126