Week 12- Artist Conversation- Christopher Linquata

Hi Everyone,

In this week’s artist conversation I interviewed Christopher Linquata. His show was titled “Sacred and Profane,” which was located inside the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. For his show he used a variety of brush sizes ranging from big brushes to the smallest ones. The process for creating the paintings were to first study the philosophy of space, colors, and sizes. Next, he would start with the small paintings and would use charcoal instead of pencils; from there he would work on the bigger canvas paintings. On all of the paintings he would draw them out first and then start painting over them adding dozens of layers until he got what he was looking for. Christopher took many ideas from different eras and applied them to his paintings. He included Greek orthodox painting, street art, stenciling, and renaissance methods. He mentioned that during the painting process he would talk to the painting and the painting will give him answers to how the color or shape should be.

Christopher’s purpose was for his viewers to be inspired by the paintings. Christopher is a religious person and in his paintings he wanted to put religious themes in a worldly space. In his paintings, Christopher includes personal things into his paintings such as his religion or himself. He mentioned that some of the people on the paintings are family members of his and that the guy with the beard is a representation of himself. What led Christopher to grow his beard was that he wanted his image to be different every single time. So, the beard allowed the image to be distinct from the previous one. He was inspired by other fellow students and the conversations they had while coming up with a theme for the gallery. Another inspiration of his was the renaissance painting.

My first impressions of the paintings were the sizes of the canvases. It was actually Christopher’s intention for the sizes to range small and big. The reason for a large canvas brings the painting to the viewer, but with a small canvas the viewer has to get closer and involve himself in seeing the small details on the canvas. My second impression was the guy with the beard because he stood out the most. I knew that there must be some correlation with the artist. When I saw Christopher I noticed his large beard, which I thought, was really hilarious! My third and last impression was that the paintings looked like they were telling a story and I never realized it, but it felt like it was telling me the story. Which was what Christopher was going for. I think religious experiences resonate with this, because religion was incorporated on the paintings and religion is a big part of my life. Which I thought it was very special for Christopher to incorporate.

I really liked that Christopher added personal things to his paintings. I believe that art is a very personal subject. You could always go deeper by incorporating what you believe in and your culture in your art. I loved the use of color and shadows that Christopher made. If you would like to see more paintings from Christopher, here is a link to his instagram page https://www.instagram.com/icon5350/  IMG_2095 IMG_2096 IMG_2106