Week 12- Activity- E-Portfolio

Hi Everyone,

For this week’s activity we had to make some changes to our websites. These changes were to attract a specific group of people. For example if you are a marine biologist, then you would make some changes like typing a paragraph of why you became a marine biologist. This would attract marine enthusiasts, which would be a bonus for you. For my website my goals were to make my page more professional and appealing. I changed the theme of my page to a black and gray color that is simple, but elegant as well. Another goal of mine was to inform viewers of who I am and what I would like to accomplish in the near future so I made an About Me page describing who I am and my future goals. My audience was professional business and networking people that could possibly link me to a business person. I would like to communicate with my audience that I am a determined person and would be up to any challenge. I am achieving this by putting myself out there on my website that has recently become appealing for that specific audience. Overall I really loved the changes I made to my website and I am excited for the new opportunities it will bring me. The first two pictures are a before and the last two pictures are an after. IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2124