Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Roxana Talavera

Hi Everyone,

This week I had a conversation with Roxana Talavera. She is 19 years old and is currently a sophomore majoring in health administration at CSULB. She is the youngest of three and is also the only female child. One of her favorite things to do is photography because she likes taking pictures and editing them. Roxana’s favorite food is pizza from Pieology because she gets to create her own pizza. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she enjoys the cold weather. The question of the week was “If you could travel to a country where would it be and why?” Roxana said she would travel to England because they have beautiful, historical sites. She also enjoys listening to the different British accents people have there. Having a conversation with Roxana was fun and she has a great personality if you would like to know more about her here is a link to her website. https://roxxitee.wordpress.com