Week 10- Artist Conversation- Matthew Dumpit

Hi Everyone,

This week I chose to write about CSULB artist Matthew Dumpit. His art show was located in the Dennis W. Dutzy Gallery. His concept for the art gallery show was kinematics (motion) and emotion. His art gallery was filled with objects such as a chair that was made out of wood, small objects that were cranks and levers, which were made out of metal. The formal qualities of the art show was the lighting of the gallery, crank and lever objects, and a wooden chair designed in a Victorian style. Materials used for the gallery show were wood, steel-19 gage, brass, and 450-aluminum fay electric. The materials were straight, bended, and curved. The colors used were white and black so that the shadows of the objects are enhanced to the maximum potential. The process of the chair was to torch the wires and get them to bend a certain way; this took 3 weeks to do.

His inspiration for the gallery show was emotions, which is why he wanted to connect emotions and kinematics. His purpose was for people to get an emotion when they see kinematic objects. He picked kinematics to evoke emotions from others because they are dynamically connected with each other. This was always something he wanted to do and he finally had the opportunity to do it. In making the art show, some of his frustrations were with the engineering aspect in trying to figure out how to have the object move with a crank. Another frustration was the working with small materials, which were really delicate. His favorite piece is one of the small pieces because it is intricate and complex

When I first saw the art pieces I was very amazed by the design of them, but when I noticed that they moved I was astonished. I knew that there had to be a lot of engineering behind this and that this project was no easy task. I learned a lot of things from this art show such as the creativity of artists and how they articulate every small detail from the lighting, the position of the objects, and how each piece is part of one whole object.

I really believe that emotion and motion are intertwined with each other, it is one thing this to create something, but to make it move creates a profound emotion in people. This has a huge impact in my academic views because Matthew is an art major and for him to apply engineering into his art makes me realize that one should not limit themselves to what they are good at, but to keep on learning and creating things that are outside of their box. If you would like to know more about Matthew, here is his email where you can contact him.  md2151@gmail.com  IMG_1909 IMG_1910 IMG_1915 IMG_1913