wk9-classmate conversation-Filimon Soltero

Hi Everyone,

In this week’s classmate conversation I met and had a conversation with a fellow classmate of mine. His name is Filimon Soltero. I found his name quite interesting because Soltero in Spanish means single. Filimon is a Compton native and he commutes to school. He is currently a junior, majoring in health care administration because he has always dreamed of working in the medical field. He loves hanging out with his friends and family. He is an active gamer and his favorite game is Fifa. His father is from Jalisco, which is located in Mexico and his mother is from Los Angeles. He has a brother and two sisters. His father is an entrepreneur; he owns and rents trucks to clients. Filimon’s mother is a stay at home mother. This week’s question was “what is your favorite type (painting, sculpture, installation, etc) and why?” Filimon’s favorite type was sculptures because they are 3D, which allows you to see them in different angles and see different features of the sculpture. http://filimonsoltero.com