wk9-artist conversation-Maccabee Shelley

Hi Artists,

This week I chose to write about Maccabee Shelley and his artwork. His gallery was titled “Fragile Future,” located in the Max L Gatov Gallery West. I describe his work as foreign, despite it being fragile because of the work he does. He uses glass and paint to create unseen objects, at least to me it was. The materials used were glass, paint, adhesives, and ceramics. The colors used were vibrant colors that helped admire the long, dripping lines made of melting glass. Other specific materials used were glass bottle that were melted so that the bottles could turn into a different shape which made each individual bottle distinct from one another.  The “formal” qualities was that the texture of the art was smooth and shiny. Another quality was that the colors mixed gave a beautiful look to the artwork. The process of the artwork was to make bowls out of clay, fill with glass and burn it. Then flip it and let it cool off. Next, add color, flip it once again and burn it. Finally, watch it expand and seeing how big he wants it to be.

Maccabee Shelley wanted his viewers to see things that do not exist in their world’s.  He wanted to create artwork that showed risks were taken in order to make the piece a reality. His purpose was for his viewers to expand their world’s and possibly help them create new things whether it was art, life experiences, or world views. He gets his inspirations from all sorts of places such as San Francisco, where he lived. He wants to force people to question the things around them, like the ground. Where people just assume its there and do not test it to see if it really is possible to walk on it.

Maccabee’s ideas resonate with mine because when I examined his work I felt like he was trying to bring to different objects together. The objects were different in a way that one is symbolic in people’s lives and the other was unseen, rare. I felt like he was trying to test us because each art piece was different from the other although they had similarities such as the use of glass and the use of combining materials together. I think that his artwork resonates with my academic experience because in school, they try to encourage us to test things and ask questions. Testing things and asking questions helps us expand our minds and world views just like Maccabee is trying to do with his artwork. I feel like that is the universal purpose in life which is to make us question life itself and see things from a different perspective.

I was really impressed with the performance Maccabee Shelley gave in class and in the art galleries. He had some very inspirational words that not only resonate from his world views but are shown in his artwork. He is the first artist to show so much passion for their work. He proved it by making us question his artwork and not giving us the answers to those questions. If you would like to know more about Maccabee Shelley, here is a link to his website http://www.maccabeeshelley.com/about/IMG_1866IMG_1867