wk8-artist conversation-Rhiannon Aaron

Hi Everybody,

This week I stumbled upon an artwork from an artist. Her name is Rhiannon Aaron. The artworks were digital prints meaning all of the paintings were printed. Her show was located in the Max L Gatov West gallery.The colors used on the prints were black and gray. She used fading to give the prints depth and a 3D look. The shapes used were triangular and circular for the skeleton skull and teeth. Lines were incorporated to add small details and shadows on the skeletons. She quoted saying that “the diet area is filled with grave dirt.” I would include this as part of the materials used to make the artwork.

The theme of the artwork was mythology. Her whole motto on the artwork was “You live life and find “inspiration” to create work. She wanted to make the artwork look very creepy and wanted her viewers to feel scared, but amazed as well. It took her about a year to create these paintings. Her ideas were that Satan gender is meant to be gender mutual, meaning that the male gender and the female gender are the same. The idea she was also trying to explore was that a woman’s body is not constructed properly well, so she tried to incorporate it in her paintings.

I really loved her artwork, although I would have liked to see the actual canvas or painting instead of a digital print. I was able to understand her idea that Satan gender is meant to be gender mutual because seeing the artwork of the skeletons I did not specify them as male or female. When I saw her artwork I thought it was a great concept during this time of year, which gave it a scary, but exciting feeling. I agree with Rhiannon that we live life and find “inspiration” to create work because without inspiration we are not motivated or have a purpose to create something. It is through inspiration that gives us the drive to create work and see it through that it is finished.

Rhiannon Aaron is trying to get her MFA and it is her second year. She has several ideas for the future but will not revel them because she wants it to be a surprise. She sees herself as a feminist, which she tries to show it in her artwork. If you would like to know more about Rhiannon here is a link to her website and her Facebook profile name. http://rhiannonaarons.com Facebook:Tempest artsIMG_1837 IMG_1836