WK 8-Activity-Writing About Art

Hi Viewers,

This week we had to two options for this week’s activity. One was to download an app called Somebody and write about our experience using it and the second one was to write about editing a classmate’s artist post and edit a post of mine as well. I decided to go with the second option so that I can improve on my writing skills and learn how to spot errors. I edited an artist conversation post from Calvin Nguyen, it was difficult finding grammatical errors and confusion with the artist’s purpose. I learned that you can always improve on your writing despite how well the essay or blog post was written. I also had to edit a post of mine. It was a lot more difficult editing my post because you are use to seeing your own writing. So it could defeat the purpose of editing if you cannot spot any errors. Although, it took me some time I was able to spot a few things. I think this was a great activity because everyone needs improvement with their writing skills as well as inspiration from others. Here is a link of the comment I posted on Calvin’s artist post and a link to my post.https://calvinhonguyen.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/wk-7-artist-conversation-jane-margarette/#respond    https://hernandezbryan.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/wk6-artist-conversation-jane-weibel/IMG_1828IMG_1829IMG_1832