Wk7-Classmate Conversation-Edgar Navarro

Hi Bloggers,

For this week, I got to meet Edgar Navarro. He is a Los Angeles native and graduated from Locke High School. His daily routine consists of going to school, heading home, doing homework, and then hanging out with friends. He is currently undeclared, but has taken an interest in Accounting. He loves fixing performance cars and socializing with his friends. He told me that his favorite thing to do is play Fifa. I was curious if he does any activities that are art related. He told me that the only thing that he does that is art related is listen to music. His favorite activity from the class so far was spray-painting our names, which I agreed with him. The question of the week was “If you could dye your hair a certain crazy color, which color would it be and why? He said that he would dye it red because it’s his favorite color and it stands out. If you would like to find out more about Edgar, here is a link to his website https://edgarnavarro400.wordpress.comIMG_1751