Wk7- Activity-Ephemeral Art

Hi Everyone,

This week, we got to experiment with Snapchat. This was the first time I ever used the app. It was really fun learning about all the cool features that it has to offer. The app was a combination of text messaging and Instagram. I think snapchat is better than instagram because snapchat allows users to text each other while snapping photos of moments in their lives. Unlike Periscope, that you broadcast everything including the boring parts. Snapchat records the best moments of your life; it also allows you to draw on what you posted. This allows the user to personalize anything they see; so two pictures of the same object can be very different. I believe snapchat has endless possibilities if they allow creativity for the users. I love snapchat and plan to use it more often. I snapped two photos of art. The first one is about a person climbing trying to eat fast food. The second one is about a Greek God, I felt like the drawing needed color. I took a screenshot of a snap of my friend Steven, where he drew “getting the honey.” I thought it was really funny and creative. The second photo is from Jennifer, where she drew on a relative of hers. I thought it was hilarious, because I did the same thing with my cousin.IMG_1761 IMG_1762 IMG_1763 IMG_1766