Wk7- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Hi Art Enthusiasts,

For this week’s artist conversation, I had the chance to meet Jane Weibel. Her gallery was filled with art that was made with ceramics and fiber materials. It was located in Max L. Gatov Gallery West. Her work was very colorful and consisted of many objects and shapes that helped portray a time in Jane’s life. The shapes and objects were hangars, monkey bars, and ladders. The work was very colorful, but consisted of light bright colors.

The purpose of the artist was to show people memories of her childhood and help them think back to their childhood memories. On her paper of the gallery Jane wrote that some of the memories she has of her childhood may be just made up memories that her brain might have conjured up. Her inspiration came from the landscape of childhood. Her work was very personal, but she hopes people will reflect on their memories and how those memories shaped how they are now. She also wanted her viewers to think about what exact experiences do they draw from their life. The people who were the most impactful during her childhood were her parents.

The minute I walked into her gallery I felt like a little kid because it made me think about my childhood. I was fascinated with all the shapes and objects she created and was very meticulous about detail. I really liked her use of colors because it gave a happy and warming ambience. Her work made me reflect on my childhood experiences and that because of my experience I am a loving, happy person. Her message and purpose was the most clear and transparent one out of all of the galleries.

Jane Weibel is currently a junior and her major is ceramics. The artwork took her a couple months to do. She is an introvert, likes to blend in with the crowd. She was always interested in art, but recently took it serious. If she could dye her hair, she would dye it black because she loves dying it black. If you would like to know more about Jane Weibel, here is a link to her instagram account https://instagram.com/janemargarette/IMG_1752IMG_1753IMG_1757