Wk 6- Classmate Conversation- Miguel Lopez

Hi Viewers,

For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet and talk with Miguel Lopez. He currently lives in Carson. Miguel is a mechanical engineer major and I was curious to know why he chose that major. He told me that he loved challenges and was very fond of solving problems. One of the things that led him to choose mechanical engineering is because he loved math and excelled in it. When he is not solving tough mathematical problems, he is playing the guitar, soccer, or the accordion. The question of the week was “what emotion does the color red bring up for you?”. Miguel commented that the emotion that he gets when red is brought up is the feelings of excitement and thrill. I happened to agree with Miguel because red is a very bright color and when used, it stands out. Miguel seemed to have lots of enthusiasm when I was conversing with him. If you would like to know more about Miguel here is a link to his website https://mlopez0801.wordpress.com. IMG_1711