Wk 6- Activity- Identity Art (Periscope)

Hi Everyone,

Periscope is a social media app that allows people to broadcast themselves live and others from around the world could see what the people are broadcasting. I began my periscope adventure at the art galleries of CSULB. It was quite fascinating and nerve wrecking having to periscope while people were around me. I was quite shy, unable to express myself. I had high expectations for the amount of viewers I would possibly get after seeing the success of Bree Olson. I was quite disappointed because it was actually very difficult to get viewers. The few that I got backed out very quickly. I also got to periscope in my house while I was watching t.v. and eating. The experience of periscoping was exciting, but dull at the same time because I was excited for trying out something new although was bored by the lack of viewers I received. On the other hand, it was quite fascinating seeing people’s broadcast. I saw Bree Olson, a girl and a guy from Florida. Bree Olson’s life casting periscopes were great because I got to witness the impact people could make on a social media outlet. I have never seen people react so fast when Bree Olson went live. The periscope of the girl from Florida was quite interesting because I had a one on one conversation and I found myself more hooked on her periscope than with Bree Olson’s. On the periscope of the guy it was different, but entertaining. His periscope was not full of viewers like Bree’s nor did I have a one on one conversation with him. It was entertaining because it was his birthday and he was really hyped up about it. I also got to see periscopes of three classmates which were Esteban’s, Steven, and Steven. I thought it was amusing seeing people I knew periscope and get to see how nervous they were. On Steven’s periscope, I was watching him periscope me which I found quite hilarious. Overall, it was a great and new experience. I think Periscope opens this whole new world and also makes the world a lot smaller.  If you want to see the periscopes of Bree Olson, here is her pericope account Bree Olson. IMG_1725IMG_1732IMG_1727