WK 6 – Artist Conversation- Dawn Derry

Hi Bloggers,

This week’s artist conversation was hard to pick because there were these amazing pieces painted by two different artists. Their artwork was located in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. At the end, I chose Dawn Derry because of the simplistic, yet elegant paintings The paintings are of mountains and landscapes.. The materials she used were paints, canvas, and brushes. The media was oil and color. Her piece consisted of three different layers of paint and color underneath it. The colors used on the paintings of the mountains were dark and abstract. The colors on the landscapes were bright and complementary.

The theme of the gallery was nature and the main purpose of the artist was to showcase how beautiful nature is. The paintings were reflected from photos that Dawn took when she was hiking. Dawn wanted the people who saw her paintings that we take granted of nature and how we should appreciate it more. Her ideas were to set a mood on the viewer with the use of colors and help them see more than just a painting of a landscape.

The ideas of Dawn resonate with mine because I believe that we should get off our phones, get out and explore. This past summer I camped at two national parks and was fascinated by all of the great sites that I saw. I am very eager to go back and view more it is quite breathtaking. Not only are our ideas similar, but our life experience. Dawn and I love to hike and explore new places, this makes the painting much more impactful on me. I believe that we should show and help persuade others to see what is out there and see where we are swimming in.

A few facts about Dawn Derry are that she loves the outdoors and is an active traveler. She is from California and is a student at CSULB. She is getting her Bachelors in drawing and painting. She started taking painting and drawing serious about 5 years ago and hopes to get her MFA. If you would like to know more about Dawn Derry here is a link to her email. .http://Dawn_derry@yahoo.com IMG_1712 IMG_1717 IMG_1718