Wk5- Activity of the Week- Ethnography

Hi Everyone,

This week’s activity was called Ethnography; we had to spend the night without using technology and electricity. This was quite exciting because I do not remember the last time I went without technology and electricity. I started the night by lighting up a few candles I recently bought at a store. I turned off the lights and turned off my phone. After, I noticed that everywhere I went I had to rely on the candles, so I would carry one of them to see where I was going. It was really difficult doing my homework because the fire kept flickering, which I was not used to. When I had to use the restroom  I was afraid that something would crawl out. I noticed that I went to bed really early and did not have the energy to stay up.

This resonates with my ancestors because I believe that they must have been afraid of the darkness and had to carry a candle everywhere they went. I cannot imagine living the way my ancestors did. Their daily routine must have consisted of seeing the sunset, prepping for the night by lighting a candle, spending quality time as a family or going to sleep. One thing for sure is that my ancestors must have gone to bed really early because I know I sure did that night.IMG_1661_2 IMG_1658_2 IMG_1665 IMG_1666_2