Wk 5- Conversation with Artist- Josh Benz

Hi Artists,

For this week’s conversation with an artist, I got to see a lot of great artwork in all four galleries. The painting that got my attention the most was the artwork of Josh Benz.  It is located in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. He told me that the theme of the gallery was “A Moment In Time.” He decided to call the piece “Netflix and Chill.” It was a collaborative piece done by artist named Karen, which was done in the span of three weeks and he worked on it every couple of hours daily.

The formal qualities that intrigued me the most was the use of color and the amount of detail he including his collaborative artist added on the piece. The work included ripples that were illustrated as to make it look like water. His use of materials included different sizes of brushes from big to small and the media was paint. He began his piece using big brushes and kept downsizing from there.

The artist told me he faced problems when trying to come up with an idea for the canvas that related to the theme. Therefore, he simply started by painting all over the white canvas. He explained to me the reason he did this act was because no one likes to paint on a white canvas when they are unable to come up with an idea. As for personal experience, I have had a lot of trouble painting over a white canvas. He then began to come up with shapes with the colors that were portrayed on the canvas. From there he got inspiration and began forming his thoughts in time. He began with a childhood flashback, then painted other moments in his life of adolescence and adulthood. He described his style in the canvas as narrative expression and enjoyed playing with the colors. Just to summarize, he made the characters from the color combination on the canvas and then later on added his moments in time based upon his life.

His ideas related to my own in various ways. When I first saw the painting, my first interpretation of the artwork was that there are different moments in time where one person is telling the other person about. This interpretation was what Josh wanted to show in his canvas, which he says is his style. I was appalled by the colors and the amount of detail that was used. The two women on the left looked very realistic. His ideas resemble my ideas, for example when I have trouble coming up with an idea in sketching, I begin to just sketch and see if I come up with any shape from where progress in my work begins. As a personal preference, I love seeing and using lots of colors on a canvas, I believe that it sets a mood for the critique or viewer. If you are interested in Josh’s work, here is a link where you could look him up. http://JoshBenz@facebook.comIMG_1650IMG_1653IMG_1656