WK 5- Classmate Conversation-Steven Gonzalez

Hi Everyone,

For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet and talk with Steven Gonzalez. He is a sociology major and currently a sophomore at CSULB. His hobbies are playing soccer, video games, and hanging out with his friends. His plans after his undergrad is to attend grad school. He took an art class in high school, where he learned to do ceramics, which is his favorite art medium. The person he thinks of when he thinks about art is Picasso.

For the question of the week, which was “what are we swimming in?” His response was that we are swimming in technology because we take advantage of it and its everywhere making society just assumes that technology has been around for centuries. My response was that nature is what we are swimming in, I mean it literally and figuratively. By literal, I mean that we are alive because of nature and nature is around us. The figurative meaning is that we have become so attached to technology that we have forgotten what is around us. Instead of spending our summer days watching Netflix or texting on our phones, we should camp in the wilderness or help preserve mother earth because she might not be around for long. Here is a link to his website if you would like to know more about Stevenhttps://stevenjgonzalez.wordpress.com IMG_1654