Spray Painting @ Muscle Beach

Hi Everyone,

For this week’s activity, our assignment was to spray paint our name in bubble style using two colors of paint. There was an extra credit offer if we spray painted in Venice Beach also known as muscle beach. It was a great experience because I would always see people spray paint in Venice Beach, never having the idea of ever doing it myself.So, when I had the opportunity I took it, when I was getting ready to spray paint I felt intimidated by all of the great work done by artistic people. I did not want to mess up their artwork by spray painting my name on theirs. I soon realized that spray painting was meant to inspire others to paint as well. So, I was motivated to spray paint my artwork. I had somewhat of practice before hand so I felt confident. I never realized how much creativity is needed to make spray painting look great. Overall, this whole experience was a great one because I got to do something I have never done nor ever thought I would ever do.IMG_1603IMG_1607IMG_1609