Open Minded

Hi Everyone,

For this week, I had the pleasure of meeting and having a conversation with classmate Steven Argueta. Our conversation started with the basics such as Steven being a sophomore and will soon turn 19. He told me that his major is math, which is quite interesting because I remembered that my old math teacher told me that when he graduated there were about 13 math majors graduating in his class while about a couple thousands of business majors were graduating. Which of course made me realize that Steven is one of a kind because there are not many people who are math majors. He is a local from long beach and his hobbies are wrestling and weightlifting. For the question of the day he responded saying that Art matters because it is a form of which we express how we feel. That art is everywhere which means it has an impact on everyone despite where you are from or what religion you preach.  I told him that I believe that art matters because art is what we look for when we are feeling happy, depressed, or stressed out. Not only does art make us feel better, but it helps us realize that there are people that have felt the way we feel. Which means that in a way art connects us to other people around the world.  His favorite IMG_1574gallery was the Max L Gatow Gallery West. His favorite music artist is Taylor Swift because her songs contain emotions such as love, anger, and happiness. I always thought certain artists had to be listened by a marginalized group of people, but Steven helped me realize that anyone who can relate to that artist should listen to their music. Art helps us express how we feel because people use art to show what there mood is while others have to find the meaning of the art from within themselves. If you would like to know more about Steven, here is the link to his website.