Art of Fear

Hi Viewers,

This week I had the chance of seeing some great artwork in the galleries of CSULB. I was overall impressed by everything, but  one that stood out was the work of David De Mendoza. It was located in Max L Gatov West Gallery. He is a junior in CSULB, his major is BFA drawing and painting. He is 31 years old, which I was surprised because he looked very young. He sees a lot of opportunitites as an artist in the future.

His work was based around Fears and nightmares. He described it as manifested deities of fears and made them into his own form of it. He used many dark colors to create a dark, scary environment. Some of the colors that David used was blue, green, and red. The artwork was made from paint and he used different strokes to create shapes such as spider legs, teeth, and skulls. He spent all summer working on his paintings. His paintings are called The Unfathomable Indisposition Eros, Deadlights, and Sinister Sandman.

David was trying to explore things that would make people really scared. At the time of creating his paintings, I believe he was thinking of the scariest things that people are scared of which are clowns, babies, spiders, and skulls. He also thought of the colors he knew would set a certain mood when people saw his paintings. He incorporated dark colors on each of his paintings. Some of his ideas were to show manifested deities of fears. Which of course were the clowns, babies, etc.

His work and ideas resonate with my own experiences because I myself am terrified of clowns, babies, and skulls. I do believe that they are manifested deities of fears that are shown in many places such as movies, books, and shows. I think that David’s work resonates with life experience, I remember seeing the movie called IT, which was about a scary looking clown that killed people. I was terrified when I saw his clown painting because it looked very realistic. Overall, I really loved his artwork and was fascinated by all of the techniques he used such as the color, objects, and idea. If you are interested in seeing more of his work or getting to meet him here is a link to his Instagram account