“But First, Let me take a selfie”

Hi Artists,

Welcome back to my website! For this blog I will talk about an experiment my art class did as a group. The experiment or activity was called Social Photography. In this activity, we had to post four pictures on our Instagram account and hashtag Art110f15. For my first IG post, it shows an image of new friends I made in my art class, whose names are Steven and Jonathan. We took a picture in the Art Gallery called Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. The artist whose artwork was inside the gallery was William Brigham. In my second post, I took a picture of a piece that was located in the gallery next to Dr. Maxines. The reason for the post was that I thought it was an intriguing piece because the “person” looked sad and lonely. For my third post, it was a picture of me in the USU playing billiards with my new friend Jonathan. He slaughtered me in a couple of matches. For my fourth post you can see me in my car ready to head home! I had a great day and a great time doing this social experiment. Seeing other people’s posts was intriguing and made me feel like I was a part of their day.

Viewing all the posts of the class was great. I saw various connections with the posts of other people and mine. There are several posts that are quite similar making new friends, admiring the artwork of talented artists, and the life’s of college students.  I was surprise with the amount of posts that were in the group portrait, you could scroll forever, a never ending cycle. I felt like we stood out as a group who want to better themselves and become open minded to new things such as seeing an artist’s work and digging deeper into the art by asking where their inspiration and love for their artwork came from. I had an amazing time with this activity and seeing that others had a great time as well. Getting a glimpse of other people’s wonderful life’s was delightful and entertaining!

IMG_1505 IMG_1492 IMG_1497 IMG_1502