Hola Artists,

This post is about a classmate of mine that I had an honor to meet. His name is Steven Yang, who is a senior and 22 years old. He is majoring in TWO majors and THREE minors, all in the span of 3 years. I was so impressed by his achievements he will soon fulfill. He will start his masters after a six month break. His gpa is 3.8, which given the amount of majors and minors he is doing, his gpa is very impressive. I asked him what his favorite gallery show was? Which was Dr. Maxine Merlino’s gallery, the same as mine! He lives with his parents and attended Cerritos High School. His favorite type of art activity is drawing. His favorite class subject is language. His favorite sport activity is wrestling. In the picture, Steven is the one in the left.This is his link to his webpage if you are interested in meeting him.