“Mad Man”

Hi Artists,

My artist conversation was with William Brigham. His line of work is called Damascus and Mokume Gane. They are ancient Japanese mediums that were developed in the 1500s. They are metals that are compressed and bended into forming objects that could be used for everyday purpose or displayed. The materials to make the art consist of metals such as copper, brass, and nickel silver. The shapes made are infinite possibilities such as cups, bowls, plates, and many other things. The small shapes found on the object are made with paint. The colors on the objects are very fascinating made from the metal itself and from the paint poured on the object.

William is very fascinated by the ability to shape metal into different objects jut by heating them into a certain temperature. William really loves the whole process of making the art; he spent his whole summer working on his technique in mastering this rare medium. His ideas are to make as many objects as possible and be able to make the objects bigger and bigger. He has one piece that he is most proud of, that he believes is one of the biggest art piece made in that form of medium. He wants to explore more of the science aspect of metals and see what possibilities he may do with knowing more about the metallic materials.

The artist’s ideas resonate with mine because I also have a fascination with metals and would be very interested in learning how to shape metals. I am quite fascinated by the fact that he is very passionate in his line of work, which inspires me to go the extra mile for something I am passionate about. I am astounded by his willingness to continue doing art despite his acceptance of the amount of money he may make, but I as well as him believe that this type of art may bring a lot of great successes.

IMG_1484The pieces are started out as metal sheets such as copper, brass, and nickel silver. These metal sheets have to be compressed tightly together. Once they are compressed, they are then heated in a big bowl and then soaked. Soaking it will make them stick together. Afterwards, they are squished together and shaped into objects. The process is very time consuming; William spent his whole summer trying to come up with finished prodcts. He was unsuccessful, but managed to make several intriguing pieces. One of my favorite characteristics of the art was that it had shapes painted on them, which William did by slowly adding paint onto the objects. This created beautiful designs on the whole design, which was an amazing piece itself. William hopes to sell his artwork so that rich people could have beautiful art in their homes. He did not giveout his website nor his instagram username.IMG_1501